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Cambrin (France); 16.IV.2001

Café Quotidien
La MARQUE qui veille aux grains

Café Quotidien (translates as daily coffee) then as now primarily targets professionals.

The motto aludes to the French expression veiller au grain meaning to be careful or alert. It's worth noticing that the advert displays aux grains. The use of the plural form changes the motto in a play on words meaning to keep an eye on the quality of the beans.

I feel that the brand's ranger has a distinct eastern complexion. Could that be an indication about the origin of the coffee?

Lisle-sur-Tarn (France); 03.XI.2000

Esquennoy (D2001, France); 20.IX.2009
Cambrin (France); 16.IV.2001
The Café Quotidien face
Radon (Alençon; France); VII.1998

Englos (Lille, France); 16.IV.2001
la tradition du bon café

Look closely: the black background is coffee. See the coffee-pot and the droplets (with highlight spot)?

Illies (France); 16.IV.2001
Le bon café

grillé a votre gout
The good coffee JAPA roasted the way you like it.

The same wall carries a Energic ad.

The brand JAPA saw light in 1936 when brothers Joseph and Paul Aubin formed a coffee roaster company in the North of France, near Lille.
Dakar (Senegal);
VIII.2002; pict. M. Chartier

The Brazilian Coffee Institute in their search to reduce the coffee surplus in 1930 approached Nestlé. A company team set out to find a way to make a good tasty instant cup of coffee. Nescafé was first launched in Switzerland in 1938.

Cochin (India), 13.IV.2010; pict. M. Tailly
Mr. Bean

It's the bean that makes the difference!

Mr. Bean allegedly is the jewel in the crown of Tata Coffee, a company with roots in Great Britain where in 1922 Consolidated Coffee Estates Ltd. was established. During the 1940s and 1950s the company gradually evolved to become an Indian company. In the early 1990s Tata Tea Ltd. acquired control and the company was renamed Tata Coffee Ltd in 2000.

Tata Mr. Bean Coffee-Chicory Blend (53% coffee, 47% chicory) is allegedly made with the best mountain grown beans from Tata's own plantations in Kodagu district.

Pas de bon café
sans Composition des Moines
en vente chez tous les épiciers
Gramat (Lot, France); 23.XI.2001; pict. A. Guët
This very nice mural came to the light after demolition of an old warehouse.
Alluding to the popular song Au clair de la Lune several brands use a Pierrot with the moon. But in this case I fail to understand the language. Why is the fool offering a cup to the moon?

Another moon was also found in Gramat: the face of Crème Eclipse.

Grandvilliers (Somme France);
VII.2000; pict. A. Guët
la bonne chicorée LEROUX
The label says Orchies Nord

Two layers of the same brand.

Ecaudain (59 France);
XII.1995; pict. T. Dubois
chicorée LEROUX - Orchies

Leroux comes into existence in 1858 when father Leroux buys a small fac­tory —located in Orchies and started by F. Herbo in 1840— for his son Alphonse. After many years the firm becomes a dominant chicory player having almost the entire market in France.

St Eloois-Vijve (Belgium);
08.VIII.2011; pict. M. Tailly
cichorei PACHA

Was founded in 1825 by the family Van Lier in Halle (Belgium) and provi­ded a living to many people of the city.

Pacha (brand of Chicobel since 1975) was the belgian counterpart of Leroux.

In 1992 Leroux acquired Chicobel and shut the factory in Halle down. The brand Pacha continues to live.

Praha (Czechia), IX.2002;
pict. A. Anselin
St John's (Newfoundland, Canada),
11.VII.2010; pict. Baeten & De Dier
The rhyme says:
The gray-beard calls for it to wet his throttle
On every housewife's table it will be
The infant cries to get it in his bottle
Even the dog loves golden pheasant tea.
Twinings of London
Established 1706
Since 1875
Golden Pheasant Tea

This wall was restored in 2004 —based on the neighbourhood's people's recollection of the original from the 1930s. In 2011 the city allowed the painting to be destroyed in order to refurbish the building.

Gujarat (India), XII.2013;
pict. H. De Meyer

Rashmi's TOP Tea

Gujarat (India), XII.2013;
pict. H. De Meyer
Hyderabad (India), XII.2012;
pict. A. Birtwistle
Lamsa Tea and on the package: LAMSA - export quality - flavoured - TEA

Lamsa is a brand of the Nilgiri Tea Emporium established in 1933 in Hyderabad. Their Lamsa Chocolate Flavored tea is allegedly world famous.

Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina),
22.iv.2016; pict. A. Anselin
zlatna džezva

Zlatna džezva or golden pot is a brand of Bosanska Kafa or Bosnian Coffee.

It is a brand of Vispak which was born in 1972 and in 1974 became, according to their website, «the leader in the pro­duction of special ground coffee for catering and espresso coffee».

A džezva is a kind of small copper pot with a long handle and a high neck, like the one shown in the mural. The differ­ence between Bosnian and Turkish coffee is that in Bosnian custom the drinker decides how sweet he wants his coffee. The Turkish way of doing is that the maker of the coffee adds sugar to his taste during the brewing.

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