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Energic & Energol

Eeklo (Belgium), VII.1999
Dendermonde (Belgium), IV.2012; pict. L. Saterdag

BP Motor Spirit is a product of the early 1920s.

The Anglo-Persian Oil Company was formed in 1909 after the first oil discovery in Iran. That was in May 1908 after seven years of searching. The find didn't mean that money started flowing though. There was no market for this type of oil with a strong sulphurous stench. It took seven years more, the UK government, a World War and the seizing of a German company's assets in order to get Anglo-Persian actually on wheels. The company became The British Petroleum Company only in 1954.


Notice the freedom in the layout of the mural. They carry the exact same components but in a constellation adapted to the available canvas.

As both these walls and all other finds show the name: L'Alliance - Anvers (=Antwerp) was probably responsible for the distribution in Belgium.

The site of the BP company carries a nice section about the history of its brands and advertising — latest check 17.II.2020.

Middelkerke (Belgium), VII.1999
The Middelkerke wall features the BP-logo from the 1930s and 1940s: the escutcheon is empty and BP is quoted (detail).

The pump replaces the tin as a distribution method and Motor Spirit is now translated into the French essence.

We also have a wall from St-Andries (Brugge, Belgium; VIII.1998) but mirrored. It seems that the pump had to be next to the road. The mural is in a very bad state because the same wall has been used for several other brands (e.g. Saroléa) and a hotel.

Gentbrugge (Belgium), X.1998

This BP Motor Spirit came to light after the removal of a modern bill­board saving it from being blanked out.

Nivelles (Belgium), III.2000
BP Motor Spirit - L'Alliance

Notice the presence of the full stop after each character. They are gone in modern versions.

-> Hannut (N22, Belgium), V.1996;
pict. T. Dubois
BP Motor Spirit and traces of Essence also.

Hofstade (Belgium), III.2009;
pict. Y. Carpentiers
BP Motor Spirit and L'Alliance - Anvers

St Gaudens (France); VI. 1998; pict. A. Guët
essence et huile

or petrol and oil

Suggestive brand names

Nancy (France); VI.1999; pict. A Guët

We learn from this wall that Energic (and Energol) are BP-brands.

The wall from left to right.

Illies (France); 16.IV.2001
ENERGIC essence -

Don't miss the advertisement for Japa coffee.

Bourg Madame (66, France), VII.2013;
pict. A Guët
ENERGIC essence -

Rilleux la Pape (N84, France); IX.2003;
pict. Ph. Rigault

Carburant pour moteurs 2 temps

The tin says
Solexine - VeloSoleX et autres moteurs 2 temps
or Solexine for VelosoleX and other two-stroke engines

Aniche (59, France); 15.VIII.2013;
pict. L. Parmentier

5 fois plus de Km
sans décalaminage

En vente: stations VeloSoleX
?? nombreux garages

VeloSoleX, a motorised bicycle produced by the French SoleX company, became available in 1946. At the special request of Solex, the BP company brewed a dedi­cated carburant: Solexine. It was fuel enriched with 6% of the Energol lubricant and without lead.
The colours on the tin were reversed in 1958; from then on the text was yellow on green.

Décalaminage burns off and eliminates carbon deposits from the innards of the engine. Reducing the need to do so with a factor five was a real improvement.

Saulieu (France), 29.VIII.2013;
pict. J. Helmons


Several layers of the same brand in different make-ups (red on white, white on red) mixed with Essolube and Simca.

Rethel (08, France); 26.X.2005;
pict. A. Hollard

poids lourds - Gas Oil

Esso is a brand of the Exxonmobil company. It all started at the end of the 19th century when John D. Rockefeller acquired a diversity of petroleum interests and organized them under the Standard Oil Trust. Two Standard Oil com­panies were born and florished thanks to a world hungry for kerosene. Then follows a long and succesfull history which is covered at the company's website. Notice that in the 1930s one of the S-O com­panies merges with Vacuum Oil already mentioned in connection with Mobiloil

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