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Madagascar, 24.VIII.2015; pict. M. Tailly
Coca Cola ouvre du bonheur — open happiness

STAR stands for Société Tananarivienne d'Articles Réfrigérés, a company founded in 1953.
STAR got the country's exclusive franchise rights on Coca-Cola in 1953.
The slogan ouvre du bonheur came in use in 2009.

Madagascar, 25.X.2012; pict. H. De Meyer

Coca Cola Rafraîchissez-vous la vie!

Egypt, I.1999; pict. N. Belval
Rajasthan (India), XI.1999; pict. H. de Meyer

Coca Cola The real refresher

Tananarivo (Madagascar), 21.X.2012;
pict. H. De Meyer
Coca Cola
Rafraîchissez-vous la vie, ici!
Bertem (Belgium); II.1999
Drink Coca Cola

The slogan dates from 1986 but was also used from the very beginning.

Le Kremlin Bicêtre (France),
V.2000; pict. A. Guët
Coca Cola désaltère le mieux.
or Coca-Cola refreshes best.
between Bordeaux and Libourne (France),
IV.2000; pict. A. Guët
This poor wall with two layers repeats
Coca Cola désaltère le mieux and enriches our collection with a new message from the brand: tout va bien mieux avec Coca Cola or everything goes much better with ... which is a slogan from 1963.

Southern Tunesia, VIII.2002; pict. M. Chartier
Southern Tunesia, VIII.2002; pict. M. Chartier
Buvez Coca Cola
French for Drink Coca Cola, which is a slogan from 1986.

Gdansk (Poland), IX.1999;
pict. A. Anselin
Coca Cola in the Classic Company lettering.

Very confusing Modern Art styling put together from the brand's typical marks: the bottle, the red button, the hand­written name.

The wall contains three windows. The lower windows are almost invisible because the frames are painted red. The upper window lacks the red paint; that is a pity.

Brussels (Belgium), XI.1998;
pict. A. Guët

Brussels (Belgium), VI.1998;
pict. A. Guët
'Buvez' - 'Drink' Coca Cola
Sri Lanka, III.2002;
pict. H. De Meyer
Drink! Coca Cola
Don't miss the exclamation! It's not on our other adverts.
Senegal, XII.2003;
pict. H. De Meyer
Rafraîchissez-vous la vie, ici!
Coca Cola
or Freshen up your life here.

Ouagadougou Burkina Faso, 31.III.2002; pict. M. Chartier

Welcome Fanta to the world.

An adjacent wall carries the slogan Rafraîchissez-vous la vie, ici! (click the picture to see it). We've found the same text in Senegal for Coca Cola, the owner of Fanta.

The German Coca Cola bottling plant had a problem. World War II was in full swing and they could no longer get the original syrup with the mystery ingredients. To keep the plant in operation a new drink was devised. The brew had a fruity flavour which varied throughout the war depending on what was available on the market.
The name Fanta presumably is derived from the German word Fantasie which can be translated as fantasy or imagination.

The drink became very popular then and after the war conquered the world in a wide range of different flavours.

Gujarat (India), 20.XI.2013; pict. H. De Meyer

Take Away Bottle 300ml.
RC cola
Cool American Cola

Royal Crown Cola was born out of the experiments of one Claud Hatcher who was a pharmacist in Columbus (U.S.A.). In 1905 his first line of beverages saw light — Royal Crown Ginger Ale — and was very succesful.

The company's founder died on the last day of 1933. The new president of the company ordered the development of a new cola drink which was to be called Royal Crown Cola.

Read more at the company's website which carries also vintage commercials apart from its history (checked XII.2013).

Southern Tunesia, VIII.2002; pict. M. Chartier
Gujarat (India), 19.XI.2013; pict. H. De Meyer

Notice that although the character "i" is dotted with a lemon, the small sprint says ... Contains no fruit. Contains added flavours.

Port Louis (Mauritius), 29.III.2011

7 up
Notice the dot inside the name.

Port Louis (Mauritius), 29.III.2011

The soft drink that would be known as 7Up was created in 1929 by Charles Leiper Grigg in St.Louis and started its life with a long impossible name.

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