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Brillant Belge
Le Chat
Marolles (France); 12.VI.2000 Davezieux (N82, France); VII.1999;
pict. T. Dubois
Savon Le Chat
The Cat Soap
Le Chat is now a Henkel brand.
The Cat - still present on the package - has been shrunk into a small icon.


Lede (Belgium); XI.1998 Ukkel (Belgium); VII.1998;
pict.: A. Guët
Arlon (Belgium); III.2000;
pict.: Beke & Bousard
Zeeppoeder VIGOR
Voor de zware wasch
Soap powder VIGOR
For the heavy laundering

The Dutch version of the advertisement.

Savon en poudre VIGOR

The French version of the ad.

The 'fuel section' features other suggestive names like Energic, Spido, Energol, ...

Savon en poudre VIGOR
Pour la grosse lessive
Soap powder VIGOR
For the heavy laundry
Turnhout (Belgium); September 1999;
spotted by B. Baeten
Nivelles (Belgium); March 1999 Andenne (Belgium); 08.IX.2002;
pict. J. Muller
LUX - Voor alle fijne wasch
LUX - for all fine laundering.
LUX - Pour lavages ???
LUX - for ??? laundering.
LUX - Pour lavages délicats
LUX - for the delicate laundering.
LUX and VIGOR each target opposite ends of the washing-scale.
Both murals for LUX and VIGOR are also very old. The Dutch word wasch spells was since 1946 !
To me Lux was Unilever-movie-star toilet-soap. And now this: Lux for laundry.
Hemiksem (Belgium); 12.IX.1999 Gent (Belgium); II.1998 Vorst (Brussels, Belgium);
June 1998; pict. A. Guët
SUNLIGHT zeep (=soap)

Until 1884 soap was just soap.
But then William Lever (founder of Unilever) wrapped his Sunlight in vivid colours. This innovative approach resulted in a number one position in many countries.
Vigor is also a Unilever brand.

or: Sunlight soap
The background shows a palm tree with PALMEX
Sunlight savon (=soap)
Several layers of the same and other brands.

The lower part of this wall is in the Lubricants section.

Brussels (Belgium); IX.1998;
pict. A. Guët.
St. Denijs (Belgium); VIII.1999;
pict. M. Tailly.
Gent (Belgium); VI.2000
Sunlight on this railway-station exposed wall diverts notably from the usual scheme. The typical Sunlight Zeep wall. Interesting though because of the Camus-announcement.
la grande marque

We have more Camus on the site.

Sri Lanka; III.2002;
pict. H. De Meyer
Liège (Belgium), X.2002;
pict. J. Muller
Lessen (Belgium); VI.2004
Sunlight - Pure Soap
Notice the lower case type. The Belgian walls are in uppercase.
It's also remarkable that we haven't any other Sunlight murals except for Belgium. Lux and Vigor finds also come only from Belgium.
Sunlight - Savon

The French version

Sunlight - Savon
Strassbourg (France), I.2005;
pict. M. Jullien
San Sebastian (Spain), VII.2010;
pict. A. Guët
Sunlicht - Seife
Leichte Arbeit - Völler Erfolg

Sunlicht - Soap
No Sweat - Great Results
para lavar prendas delicadas
soapflakes Baquesíl
for delicate garments
The detail on the tiles is amazing:

Apriete aqui y tire

Este jabón es NEUTRO
No contiene acidos rasinas ni alcalis libras y su contenido es de un 80% de grasa (

Peso salida mag 120 grs
Contenido neto 100 grs.

In 1899, W. Lever started production of his Sunlight Soap in Germany. It was a great succes and in 1903 the German version of the brand was created : Sunlicht.

Alsace was German territory before 1918. This wall could well date from then, the early days of the brand.

In the 1960s and '70s Spanish newspapers regularly ran classifieds for sales representatives. The company disappeared in the 1980s.

We have more advertisements with tiles: e.g. Philips light bulbs or Studebaker cars.

St Pierre les Nemours (N7, France);
1997; pict. T. Dubois
Charenton le Pont (France);
November 1999; pict. A. Guët
Asnières (92 France);
springtime 1996; pict. T. Dubois
SAPONITE - marque déposée

Excellent wall featuring Mr. Bonaparte clearly impressed by the qualities of the product.

The Emperor supports a Cognac too.

SAPONITE - la bonne lessive
or Saponite the right washing powder.

Almost lost and showing the same drawing as the 1997 find but enhanced with a short recommendation.
Below the tub: traces of marque déposée

Saponite is a synonym for the mineral Montmorillonite also known as Mountain soap.

Saponite ad obscuring an older KUB.

Find a modern KUB artwork.

Liège (Belgium); VIII.2002; pict. J. Muller Thies (Senegal); XII.2003;
pict. H. De Meyer
WAVI le savon complet pour toutes Lessives a base d'Elium
WAVI the complete soap for all laundry, based on Elium.

I wonder what Elium is.

The left wing shows the package with a bilingual (French - Dutch) text stating New - contains Elium in the red blot and in the yellow rubans repeating that it is a complete product.

The right wing says Glycérine parfumé and gives the NET weigth of the box.

so Klin
nouveau parfum - plus protecteur de couleurs - Lessive concentrée - extra puissante - 30% plus economique
so Klin
new scent - protects colours better - concentrated - extra strong - 30% better value
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