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Soeur Borel
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Dr. Pierre

Paris (France); VII.1998;
pict. M. Guët

Du haut d'un immeuble, Bébé Cadum magnifiquement éclairé, annonce des temps nouveaux.

Un homme guette a sa fenêtre. Il attend. Qu'attend-il?
Une sonnerie éveille un couloir.
Une porte cochère se ferme. Une auto passe.

Bébé Cadum magnifiquement éclairé reste seul, témoin attentif des événements dont la rue, espérons-le, sera le théâtre.

(Robert Desnos, La liberté ou l'amour, 1927)

Savon Cadum or Soap Cadum

In my opinion a baby with a very adult face.

The brand Cadum was born in Paris (1907) and first stood for pharmaceu­tical products in general. It was only on the occasion of a huge advertising campaign in 1912 that the baby became the brand's face. After the war the baby was present on about every wall in Paris and stayed popular until the forties when young ladies took over.

Learn more in Histoire du savon Cadum (French only) virtual exhibition of the Musée d'Arts Décoratifs in Paris. (latest check XII.2018)

Paris XIIIe (France);
IV.2000; pict. M. Chartier
Savon Cadum in very bad shape.
The lighter blot below the Dubonnet probably was the baby's face.

Don't miss the peculiar orientation of the o in the word Savon.

Madagascar, 22.X.2012; pict. H. De Meyer
dalan CITRON Frais
Hanitra Natioraly

or soap with a natural perfume

Dalan CITRON is a multi-purpose soap which provides purity and lemon freshness for you to have a relaxing bath, clean your garments and wash your dishes (from the company's site). It was in 1941 Izmir (Turkey) that Hamdi Dalan began with the production of pure olive oil soap. Read more at Dalan's website.

Madagascar, 22.X.2012; pict. H. De Meyer
Savony Ara-Pahasalamana
Zakuro Black Soap
Active TCC + Herbal - Sabao Antisseptico

overview of the entire wall

Kremlin Bicêtre (Paris, France);
III.1999; pict. A. Guët
Puteaux (92, France);
IV.2002; pict. A. Guët

Pâte Dentifrice Dr. Pierre or tooth-paste Dr. Pierre

The company was at its height in the 2nd half of the 19th century. A 1894 poster states:

It was only in the 1920s that Dr. Pierre's portrait appeared on the streets.

Cajamarca (Peru); V.2003; pict. M. Chartier

In 1806, the English immigrant William Colgate set up a starch, soap and candle business in New York City. William died in 1857 and it was only in 1873 that Colgate & Company produced its first toothpaste (in jars!).

The history of Colgate at the company's website (Let's hope they don't keep moving it around).

Antanarivo (Madagascar); XII.2003; pict. M. Chartier
Pour un sourire éclatant de santé

Colgate for a smile which radiates health.

Madagascar, 23.X.2012; pict. H. De Meyer
Colgate - Herbal
Dents Fortes et Sans Caries

or Strong Teeth without Caries
Madagascar, 23.X.2012; pict. H. De Meyer
Notice the strong muscled tooth and the similarities with the Ciptadent tooth.

Madagascar, 22.X.2012; pict. H. De Meyer
Lion Renforce L'email Des Dents — Menthe Fraîche
avec multi-vitamines & mousse micro-active

or Lion strengthens the teeth's email — Fresh Mint
with multi vitamines and mico active foam
Madagascar, 22.X.2012; pict. H. De Meyer
Strong teeth
Notice the different languages: French, English, Arabic (blue above the a).
Ciptadent is a brand of the Lion company Japan's leading brand in the oral care field

Madagascar, 22.X.2012; pict. H. De Meyer
Triple Action
Madagascar, 22.X.2012; pict. H. De Meyer
MAXAM Toothpaste With Orange Taste
VC vitamin

Maxam is a brand made in China

Fort Portal, Uganda, 26.VIII.2011; pict. M. Tailly

Most affordable
ABC Dent
For stronger white teeth and fresher breath.

The package further states FREE tootbrush inside and fluoride toothpaste
UNBS stands for Uganda National Bureau of Standards. ABC Dents is a certified product of Vision Impex (U) Limited.

Gujarat (India), 20.XI.2013; pict. H. De Meyer
Strong white teeth
Fresh breath all day

Anchor is a vegetarian toothpaste launced in 1992 and now made by Anchor Health & Beauty Care. This company was formed in 1997 as a division of the Anchor Group which was a large manufacturer of electrical switches and accessories.

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