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Castillazuelo is situated in the valley of the Río Vero near Barbastro. Both should be on any map. From Barbastro's city center take the road towards Adahuesca and Alquézar. Before you reach Castillazuelo take the branch to Salas Bajas and Naval. You'll soon find a sand road leading down into the valley at your left. Drop the car and walk this road down towards a bush of high trees hiding the mill. The mill receives its water from the Río Vero.
This visit is perhaps also a good occasion to taste some wine.

Pictures: 30.X.2002

(1) Molino San Marco
The mill (also known as Molino San Marco) is only part of a huge building with two entrances. The picture shows the part with the living quarters. From the front door a monumental corridor brings you to the mill proper at the other side of the construction. The workplace is waiting from behind the arch. The ceiling partly came down, unfortu­nately exactly above the milling installation.

Two pairs of stones are mounted on a wooden case housing turbines and gearboxes. Each pair of stones was dressed with an octogonal guardapolvo. A small door at each short side of the case gives access to the inner bearings. The front side features a wheel controlling the engine.

Look around and you will find the regular stuff like tolva, farinal, bolting machine and corn sifting machine.


(5) corn sifting machine

(6) bolting machine with farinal
(7) detail of sifting machine
The mill gets water from the Río Vero. The capture point is several kilometers and two villages stream up near Panzano. The channel first brings water to the other mill in Castillazuelo (Molino Tricas) and then continues its way further down towards San Marco. (Read more about this channel in Pallaruelo.)
The rear wall features two empty cárcavos and a big door giving direct access to the workplace. Centered above the door is a plate (9) embossed with Commercial Union which is a British Assuran­ce company founded in 1861. The center of the plate features a dragon between flames.

(9) Commercial Union


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