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Panillo is a small village situated north from Graus in the Ribagorza region. From Graus take the main road towards Benasque and Cerler. After less than 2 km turn left where Tierrantona (La Fueva region) and Panillo are signposted. Follow the narrow, winding road until you reach Panillo where You turn right into the village. The first construction at your right is the mill. There is ample parking space.

Pictures: 06.I.2011

(1) Panillo — white stroke indicates the mill.
(2) Panillo — the main elements of the mill preserved and protected.

(3) Engraving on the beam: year 1889
The mill dates from the end of the 19th century. Several sources (including the interpretative panel at the site) state it was built in 1882 and they refer to the engraving on the press (3). I see a clear 9 instead of a 2 however. It must be, once again, a case of copying without checking.

About nothing of the original construction was pre­served after the restoration. Of the instruments only the milling station (4), the press (6) and the decan­ting vessels (7) remain. It makes still for an impres­sive display, though.

(4) Place where the olives were ground

(5) The tolva with pit where the paste accumulates.
The bottom of the hopper is gone, ditto the door and the guiding system.

(6) The cantilever press with engraving AÑO 1889

This prensa de viga y quintal (6) which measures 12 m (or more, some say) (), is told to be one of the tallest (the tallest, some say) specimen of this type in Aragón. In my opinion, if it is the tallest, then it's probably only a matter of centimeters: all cantilever presses that I have seen are about the same size.
Other mills of the same type can be found in

(7) Stone containers below the press
used for decanting the oil

(8) Free end of the beam
with quintal (weight) and caracol (screw)


 I did not take measurements of my own, but
I did in the old mill of Aguinalíu: the length of the beam there is 11.6 m.

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