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Castilsabás lies south of the Sierra de Guara not far from Huesca.
From Huesca, take the main road towards Barbastro. After few kilometers (and visiting Monte Aragón) turn left for Loporzano, Sasa del Abadiado and finally Castilsabás. The mill is at your left side, off the road, just before the branch that would bring you to Sta Eulalia la Mayor. If necessary ask for la ermita de la Virgen del Viñedo

Pictures: december 28th, 1995

Shortly before our visit work has been done to preserve this fabulous mill. It was nothing too early as important parts of the roof and walls were already down when the work started.

Pallaruelo in his Los Molinos del Altoaragón devotes several pages to this site. There is also a picture showing the sorry state of the building at the beginning of the 1990ies.

Castilsabás is one of the very few places where the main beam of the press has not rotten away (see also Trillo). Because of the height of the press mills of this type all have a roof which is much higher at one side than the other. It is the height of the caracol in particular who is the demanding. Compare the size of the person with the height of the screw.

The construction of the caracol is most interesting. The screw is mounted on a circular stone resting in a round pit. Add some oil for a smoothly running caracol. The base of the caracol shows two perforations for the poles used to rotate the caracol and thus heighten the pressure.

The center image below shows one of the concrete containers (named algorín) used to stock the fresh olives waiting to be processed. An azulejo connects each container with a person.

The arm of the prensa bears following burned-in inscription:

siesque logro sin
lesion dar le finas
la funcion como del poDroso
... daregrACIAS ADIOS, IA
Birjen Del Biñedo

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