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The road was now cut into a hill and the curves were sharp.
A sign said: Beware of Fallen Rocks.
'That's one of my favourite road-signs,' Bobby said. 'I always look for it.'
(In a Free State, V.S. Naipaul)

 Some common traffic signs of the world
Road-signs arranged by country and by topic
Men Child Rocks

Verkeerstekens per land geschikt

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Old mills in Alto Aragón (Spain)

Oude molens in Alto Aragón (Spanje)

Molinos en el Alto Aragón

 Old roadside advertisements
Painted roadside advertisements

Pubs Routières peintes

Geschilderde muurreclames

 About advertisements in print
Symbolism of animals in advertising

Het dier als symbool in de reclame

 Opiliones in Belgium - Hooiwagens van België