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Charo / Fosado

Charo's mill is situated exactly halfway between Fosado and Charo along the Río Lanata. In former times there was a path from Charo over El Pocino leading down to the mill (Camino del Pocino al molino). Nowadays the mill is easily reached from the main road between L'Ainsa and Campo. Coming from L'Ainsa and after 12 km park your car at the branch were Fosado is signposted. The mill is just a few steps away next to the Río de la Nata.

The mill is private property. Do not tresspass without permission.

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(25) The dam on the Río Nata — 2012

The situation with the waterworks of this mill is rather complicated. Manuel López Dueso has it explained in text, but pictures and a sketch drawn on a map would certainly make it much clearer.

So we'll have to do some more field work.

It all starts with a dam (azud) on the Río de la Nata (25). The water is then brought to another dam on the Barranco de Fosado at the other side of the road between L'Ainsa and Campo. From this 2nd dam a gutter and further on a pipe on the right bank of the Bco de Fosado bring the water to the mill.

(26) The mill pond of the grain mill — 2017

The mill pond, embalse (26), has earthen walls. The stone walls that funnel towards the pressure pipe, saetín, are set with care. They are four to five meters tall.
Notice that the eastern wall (left in 26) is curved. The other side is straight. We have seen the same situation at the mill pond of Samper which is only a few kms away.


Manuel López Dueso — 2014 — El molino de Charo. —
Revista del Centro de Estudios de Sobrarbe (ISSN: 1136-4173) N° 14; pp 101-154.


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