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Samper is on the road from L'Ainsa to Campo. The mill is on the Río Lanata north of the village. Look for the circle on map 212 of the Spanish Instituto Geográfico y Catastral (2a ed. 1952). The mill is easier to reach from La Cabezonada, signposted on the same road. Walk down from the village until you reach the cleft. Find the old path leading down to the river.

All pictures: 23.XII.1998

The mill is muy ruinoso. The roof collapsed and so did the cárcavo. We could however distinguish remains of the cabra and the guardapolvo with two arboles (axles). Nothing unusual.

The waterworks, to the contrary, are outstanding. The canal (blue line) is extremely long and first rounds the hill before it taps the Río Lanata. Several stones, serving as primitive valves, show that the canal took part in the local irrigation network.

Molino of Samper with Sierra Ferrera.
Front wall Guardapolvo with 2 axles Wooden pipe brings water to the pond
The last stretch of the canal is a hollow tree-trunk. We found other pieces of piping capturing the water from the hill.

The wall of the pond (balsa) is as high as the mill house and about half a meter thick. The construction had to be very strong because of the enormous volume of the lake behind.

Wall of balsa towering above workplace
  The miller nor his mill would survive this wall collapsing under the waters. The builder of the barrage knew his job; he was a professional. The wall (left on the picture) has been build as an arch against the pressure.

(another fine arch-dam in Lecina)

balsa with impressive measurements  
  Detail of the pond and the place where both walls come together and form the saetín. The person gives an idea of the depth of the reservoir.
inside the balsa
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