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Charo / Fosado

Charo's mill is situated exactly halfway between Fosado and Charo along the Río Lanata. In former times there was a path from Charo over El Pocino leading down to the mill (Camino del Pocino al molino). Nowadays the mill is easily reached from the main road between L'Ainsa and Campo. Coming from L'Ainsa and after 12 km park your car at the branch were Fosado is signposted. The mill is just a few steps away next to the Río de la Nata.

The mill is private property. Do not tresspass without permission.

Pictures: 21.xii.1998, 01.i.2011, 02.iii.2012, 22.viii.2017, 29.xii.2018, 29.v.2023

(19) Stones flanking the entrance of the reception zone — 2017

(20) ∅ 120cm — 2023
Various millstones can be found spread across the site. We find different sizes and also different dressing patterns.

(21) ∅ 110cm — 2023
(22) ∅ 125cm — 2023

(23) ∅ 130cm — Dupéty Orsel & Cie – La Ferté sous Jouarre — 2018

Notice the difference in the balance pits. Stones from La Ferté (23) count three balance pits which are round. The other stone counts four which are rectangular (24).
Stones of Dupéty Orsel & Cie can also be found in the mill of Broto.

(24) ∅ 130cm — Second stone, likely not from La Ferté — 2023



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