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Foradada del Toscar

Foradada del Toscar is a small village on the main road (N260) between L'Ainsa and Campo. It is perhaps best to drop your vehicle at the graveyard near the roundabout just off the mainroad. From there it is an easy walk down towards the mill situated in the Barranco de Foradada (1). The walk back is more demanding though, because there is a more than 200m difference in altitude.

Pictures: 09.IV.2012

(1) Molino de Foradada del Toscar hidden in the landscape.
This is a small mill built from the same template like many small village mills in the region (e.g. Ainielle, Lacabezonada, Abellada). We have one wall with a window looking out over the drain (2). The pond (8) is situated against the opposite wall. The entrance door is in one of the remaining sides and opposite a blind wall.
There is one room only. About half of the floor space (next to the blind wall) is occupied by the milling installation. The room is open to the skies and there isn't much left of the instruments. We found one couple on the bank and one decommis­sioned stone (5) serving as a step. All had the same size: 130cm ∅ which is very common.

(2) The mill
(3) The outlet. The cárcavo is empty.

(4) Entrance bordered with huge monoliths
(5) Decommissioned stone — ∅ = 130cm
The entrance (4) is bordered with three huge mono­liths covered with glyphs (6, 7) of many kinds: cross, calvary cross, hexagone, omega sign, kind of a space vehicle, etc. A very rich collection, showing much more variation than in other mills (e.g. Castigaleu, Mondot-Viliellas, Abellada) were pro­tection is provided by the cross only.
It looks like there is some text high on the right post (7). There is also writing on the wooden door (10), but I can't decipher the message.

(6) Doorpost left
(7) Doorpost right

Bigger image of (6)

Bigger image of (7)

Bigger image of (10)

This mill is mentioned in
El Gurrión N°133 (PDF)

(8) The mill and the walls of its pond.

(9) Head of the pond leaning against the mill
(10) Writing on the door

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