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Mondot - Viliellas

Mondot and certainly this mill is not that easily found. From the main road between L'Ainsa and Barbastro turn to Lamata in Mesón de Ligüerre de Cinca. Follow the long narrow road and turn right just before Olsón where Mondot is signposted. Once there turn right into the village and park the car. From the church follow the main dirt road to the graveyard. A trifle further on there is a lesser branch to the left leading slowly down which will bring you to the brink of the canyon more or less at the spot of pict. 1. Find your way down, cross the farmland and walk then against the stream until you'll reach the molino which, I think, is known as Molino Viliellas.

Pictures: 31.iii.2010

(1) Watershed of the Río Susía — arrow points to the mill.

(2) Front -cp1
(3) -cp3

The construction is rather big and consists of two main parts. Both parts have a rectangular ground­plan and are perpendicular to each other. They come together in one of the corners (drawing in pict.7). The numbered arrows indicate camera positions (cp).

The façade (2, cp1) features two doors and a small window. The bigger door (6, cp2) gives access to the aceitero part (a) of the mill. Several of the surroun­ding stones carry engravings (8, signs of the Cross in all sizes and shapes). The cross is often present in and on mills: e.g. Torrolluala del Obico, Solanilla.

The second door (2c) opens into a space which —I suppose, as in Bara— was probably meant for the animals. It doesn't look very much like living quarters (3c, cp3) and there is no direct connection with the workfloor. The seam (2) suggests that it is a later addition.

At the far end of the oil mill (a) is a door leading to the grain mill (3h). The nearest two thirds are dedicated to milling (4h, cp5). The furthest section houses an olive crusher (4r).

(4) -cp5
(5) harinero left and aceitero right -cp4

(6) Entrance door in front wall -cp2

(9) Entrance seen from inside

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