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Miraval is difficult to find on most recent maps. From L'Ainsa drive north until you find the Dolmen de Tella signposted. Take the narrow winding road and drop the car just below Cortalaviña where a dirt road for Estaronillo starts.
Walk the road down. Where the road finally reaches the river bed is Miraval: two small and one bigger construction. Find your way along the river. There is a bridge (with a shortcut for the way back).
The mill is on the Río Yaga.

All pictures: March 2001


The signs are unequivocal: we have a mill which became a second residence at hand. It is enough to study the pik-nik tables to have an overview of several types of mill stones.
I am not sure about the original layout of the site. We found an blinded outlet with some kind of waste treatement thing built in. If that was the cárcavo  then nothing is left over of the old mill. But perhaps the smart new construction replaces the original mill? And then the cárcavo could be the end of a long drain.
I hope we will find the answers some day.


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