Watermills in Altoaragón


Allué is situated between Sabiñánigo and Yebra de Basa
The mill is on the Río Basa.

All pictures: 25.XII.1998

Water mills in Aragón don't have many options. This site shows lots of mills in several stages of decay.

Allué is different. The molino has been converted into second residence. The balsa is now a vegetable garden. The mill stones are recycled as the obligatory picnic-table.

I'm not sure if I'm happy with a mill reborn a holiday home. It is in fact only surviving as an empty shell, because only the walls remain.
I would prefer an abandoned mill languish and slowly be taken back by the vegetation; let it become what the time when it was alive, already is: history.

While I wrote this down another thought crossed my mind. Free time and holiday residences are undeniable present time and probably some time in the future will be met with the same feeling as the molinos now. Thus why should I languish in nostalgia.

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Other second residence on the same river in Yebra de Basa
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