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Centenera is easily reached from Graus. Leave Graus in northern direction
towards Campo and Castejón de Sos. Turn right for La Puebla de Fantova.
Once there do not enter the village, but continue straight-on towards Centenera and Abenozas. The construction is next to the road just before you cross the Barranco de la Ribera (or de Pinares). Our latest visit was on invitation of the owners who did quite a good job in removing the luxuriant vegetation, making it a much easier job for us than in 1998.

Pictures: I.1998, 08.III.2004

The door behind the trough opens to a small room with switches and insulators of the power station. Some narrow stairs are leading down into the level where the generator was located. The picture shows (from right to left) first a diesel engine (removed between 1998 and 2004), then the much smaller alternator and lastly an empty black switch panel.

A map from the 1950s has the mill labeled Molino de aceite and Fábrica de Luz and power lines are drawn towards Centenera, the houses of Fantova next to the Castle, La Puebla de Fantova and the isolated houses of Rabinaco. That is quite something. Even more if we look at the specs of the dynamo.

12337 Volts30
KW0.300 Amps10
HP.-- Rews1000
One hair-drier could have put the region in the dark. Those were the days before the fancy power-hungry home-appliances of our modern times. Read also the testimony of Luis Bara about electricity in Aso de Sobremonte.

The alternator
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