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Nocito definitely is a nice spot. And remote.
1) From Sabiñánigo drive south to Huesca until you reach Lanave. Turn left where Boltaña is signposted. Don't miss the branch towards Nocito.
2) From Boltaña cross the Río Ara and follow directions for Lanave. It will take some time but eventually you will reach the Molino de Escartín. Now look for the Nocito branch to the left.

From here on it is still 12 km of dirt road more. You won't need a 4x4 vehicle when the weather is dry. Park the car near the crossroads where Bara is signposted. Walk the short stretch and take the opportunity to visit the presa on the Río Guatizalema. Nocito has a camping site.

Both mills of Nocito.

The mill of Nocito is in fact two mills: a powerstation (left) and a flour mill.

The power was turned on for the first time in March 1926! People dragged the turbine 12 km from the Molino de Villobas. The powerstation was the property of a society of most of Nocito's inhabitants. The network was limited to Nocito and the santuario de San Úrbez nearby.

This old generator produced continuous current (DC).

The powerstation was shut down in April 1960 when the number of inhabitants dropped below the critical minimum to continue the maintenance of the turbine.

In 1972 the village council decided to install a new power station at the same place and the first alternating current (AC) left the building on Christmas of that year. This new powerstation stayed in use until deep in the 1990s when pylons reached Nocito. The engine was still ready to run at the time of our visit.

Nocito, the grain mill.
The harinero is muy ruinoso and a humble construction of one room only. We found similar mills in Aso de Sobremonte and Sarsa da Surta, but Nocito's is the smallest.

Inside we recognize the crane with its cabra, the controlling wheel of the levador and an octangular guardapolvo (as in Almunias de Rodellar).

The cárcavo, ready to collapse, hides a metallic rodete.

Interior of the flour mill.
Cárcavo with rodete.

Both mills share the same water works. They get water from the same inlet on the Rio Guatizalema. They use only one reservoir and both outlets come together in one channel. Only the section between the reservoir and the cárcavo is private.
The blue line on the first picture shows the position of the embalse high on the hill. It's fed by a spacious channel coming from the presa north of the village. The canal to the harinero is open (right on the picture). The powerstation features a closed canal.

Falls in the Rio Guatizalema.

The millpond high above both mills.
Inlet and start of channel.
Holes in rock betray an older dam.

Each mill with own canal from the embalse.

Embalse with lock to harinero

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