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Falling Rock Signs from Ireland

Connemara, VIII.2000; pict. M. Chartier

Road signs in Ireland stand out from signs in other European countries because of their shape: they are drawn on a diamond shaped canvas. That is how it is done in the New World (e.g. Canada, Ecuador).
The constellation of the stones, however, is very much Old World Great Britain: three pebbles, a huge boulder and then again three pebbles with a boulder. The find from Kerry would even show the same cliff had someone not forgotten to cut away the triangular patch at the left side.

Connemara, VIII.2000; pict. M. Chartier
Kerry, VII.2004; pict. J. Bourriot

The remaining finds show steep rock faces with uncanny shapes. Sometimes still in combination with the British boulder constellation; at other times with weird stones floating around and making the sign look like a map of an island group more than a warning sign for falling rocks.

Connemara, V.2008; pict. J. Koelstra
Bray, IX.2011; pict. J. Vanhercke
Clifden, IX.2016; pict. B. Hoeyberghs
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