Men at Work in Spain

It was only thanks to Bernardo's molino project our team visited Ara. We rounded the corner and there: traffic sign delight! Until then Spanish men at work were rather dull, but now birds started singing. The panel radiates tradition. Good company for the Danish children and worker. The picture breathes a no frills philosophy: forget about the fancy helmet; let's roll up sleeves and start shoveling. Every detail is nevertheless finished with the same accuracy. Observe the sleeves, the trousers, the shoes, even the heaps.
Did you notice the feet and, more particularly, the legs? Compare this with the Danish man. One must be wrong, I think, but I'm not sure:something more to observe while queueing.
Ara, XI.1996 Denmark (1996)

Next come the three common most road workers. They are also frequently seen on the Canary Islands (Baeten & De Dier, XII.1998).
Jánovas, 1995 Boltaña, 1992 Burguete, 1993
Recent signs, like the one in Jánovas, have lost identity. Only the heap is not streamlined, yet.
Visit Italy for a discussion about a twin-brother.
Interesting observation: The Spanish worker plants one of his feet in the heap behind him. A habit only seen on the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) and on the Canary and Balearic Islands.

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