Men at Work on the Canary Islands

Sta Cruz (Tenerife), XII.1998;
pict. Baeten & De Dier
Buenavista del Norte (Tenerife),
XII.1998; pict. Baeten & De Dier
La Esperanza (Tenerife), XII.1998;
pict. Baeten & De Dier
The Canary Islands just follow the mainland herd. I'm happy that the one who is called to do the digging still in most cases is the good old clumsy guy who puts his leg in the heap behind him.

Did you notice that this drawing comes with a zoom function?

    But the first modern workers strike the road already. This type of man isn't devoting any energy in being nice. He simply tries to be everywhere around the Meditteranean and beyond. (Read more about the Mediterranean Workforce.)

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