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Men at Work Signs found in Serbia

Požarevac,; pict. De Knijf & Demolder

I am not looking forward to a future where people become featureless and undistinguishable from each other, must struggle to keep their head on their shoulders, and where even heaps of earthen must conform to the uni-shape. Still, that is the way it goes. Though several parts of former Yugoslavia had very nice old-fashioned roadsigns, they now all tend stick to the same modern and ugly designs (see Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia). Shouldn't we, road sign collectors, turn to stamps after all?


The find from Derdap Gorge teaches us how road signs may migrate from one country to another. The warning sign mounted on a vehicle features the modern French sign (found in France and in many countries sharing a past with France, f.e. Morocco, Saint Martin).

A closer examination of the truck revealed a ghost image of an address in Nantes (F). The traffic sign must therefore have come with the second-hand vehicle that is given a second life here. Serbia may take this design as inspiration. The French design though not perfect is certainly better than what is currently in use.

near Derdap Gorge, 22.v.2022; pict. J. Breine
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