Men at Work in Croatia

  Both men on this first row were also reported from Slovenia. It's difficult to decide what design is worst. Probably the man at right because of the unreal heap and his unbalanced head.

The man shown left is a very common sight in most countries of the Mediterranean region (e.g. Italy, Spain, Egypt).

The other samples are proof that (at least for now) not all is lost in Croatia. The detail of the older panels is admirable. Enjoy. Notice also that both heaps have about the same size. This is rather peculiar; I'm not aware of any other similar case.

Zagreb, V.2000; pict. L. Pasalic   Nustar (Slavonia), VII.2007; pict. De Knijf & Demolder

Croatia lets things slide. Our latest find stands firmly proof. Eunirope is near. This is a German worker. The heap is slightly different though.

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