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Moles betray their presence through molehills and are therefore not very popular with humans. They almost never appear in advertisements.

Copywriters are aware that moles live underground and that their hearing and especially their eyesight are poor.

It is remarkable that all our finds have something to do with television or streaming, apart from one.

first published: ii.2022
Let's start with
our one sample which stands apart (1). We can turn anyone into a color expert is about paper used for colour proofing in the printing industry. The proofing paper makes it possible to match the inkjet printer for proofing to the printing on the press by using measure­ments. So, with this paper, it doesn't matter if your eyes are below par. The numbers will tell.

The use of a mole proves that for this supplier the measurements are more important than a visual judgement. Compare this with the approach of other brands in our sidebar about True Colour ([Illustration 5]) were the visual judgement is the approach of choice.

(1) 2003 – Anyone a colour expert — paper for inkjet
(2) 1990 – If you have the ear, you'll love watching our television sets.

The television set
of our samples No. 2 & 3 is characterized by strikingly true colours, a sharper image, and digital stereo sound. The choice of a mole to support the message is remarkable in my opinion, and difficult to understand. From No. 2 we learn that Just by ear you can tell that this is no ordinary TV and also that If you have the ear, you'll love watching our TV set. The statement is illustrated with a mole equipped with a set of giant ears. So the poor animal can't hear the difference without that prosthesis?

Advert No. 3 comes with the text You must be seeing blind if you can't see the difference in contrast … and to make matters worse the mole wears sunglasses on its snout. Is it to protect its delicate eyes against the brightness of the screen? How does it all match the reportedly weak eyesight and ears?

(3) 1991 – 50% more contrast. — television set
(4) 2021 – Lots of viewing pleasure — streaming platform

Two different streaming services
call for a mole, twenty years apart and each for its own specific reason (4 & 5). Both are straithforward applications. In No. 4 the mole on its hill is watching the screen and the program ready to start is precisely The Mole a populare game show where contestants are trying to figure out who among them is sabotaging the game.

(5) 2002 – Football like you've never seen before — streaming platform
Football like you've never seen before is what this service promises to deliver to its subscri­bers. The mole on its hill occupies indeed an original viewpoint and is closer to the game than anyone else. The mole therefore is a rather good choice. Apart from the fact that in real life this visitor wouldn't be very welcome. But still.

Chapters about Insectivora

 I am aware that the order Insectivora as a grouping of mammals which are eating insects is now abandoned. At the time of writing hedgehogs (Erinaceidae) and moles (Talpidae) were families within the order Eulipotyphla.

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