Animals in advertising - Sitemap
published: xi.2000; updated: vi.2007


[Illustration 1] The loss of open space
The sad story of a willow in the Belgian Polders.

[Illustration 2] A green touch everywhere.
Many products without a (clear) benefit for the environment at least have a green dressing applied.

[Illustration 3] The cynic contradiction.
The green actors are often the first victims of the consumption instigated by their courteous co-operation.

[Illustration 4] How to sell copiers.
Copiers are meant to make duplicates of the original. This is a give-away in the decision which approach to take. Many scenes are thus based on repetition.

[Illustration 5] True colour
The preferred stories to transmit crisp colourful images are : Cat eats fish, Cat hunts mouse or Mouse savours cheese.