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Illustration 1: Loss of open space
We must not dream and think that we still can find landscapes in Europe which are not influenced by human activity. The richness in species of wildlife shrunk dramatically. The only sensible thing that we are left to do is to try to keep the place at least a bit open with a hint of green. Even that is doomed to failure. Comes the day that we must rely on tv-channels and adverts in order to remember how the natural world was. This short picture story shows that we are almost there.
published: xi.2000; updated iv.2020

Oktober 1971
December 1976
April 1977

The pictures are
telling us the story of a spot somewhere in the Belgian Polders.
The series is exemplary for the country. We start with the original landscape: pastures, open, horizon far away, pollard-willows. Hardly pristine, made by man, but still very valuable for many people see it as an escape from job and city stress.

July 1977
March 1978
November 1979

The lack of
maintenance causes the top-heavy willow to crash. Is it an omen?
March 1978 sees construction-workers take the place and from then on new houses pop up in several waves until it's useless to continue the series. The last picture is from the same spot; you have my word.

December 1981
October 1985
September 1991

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