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Solanilla (Fueva)

Solanilla is easily reached from Rañín which is situated to the east from Tierrantona. Park the car at the graveyard of Rañín and catch the hiking path PR-190 (towards Troncedo) which passes nearby. It is a very nice walk with lovely views over the region. In Solanilla the path descends into the valley and at some point crosses a rivulet: the very young Barranco or Río de Formigales. Now walk at the right bank and against the current. After some time and at a sharper turn to the right you should find the remains of a shed (an older mill?) and a channel (pict. 8). You're almost there. The mill is a few steps further on. On the way back, spend some time exploring the village of Solanilla, it's nice.

Pictures: 2.iv.2010

(1) Solanilla (white stroke left) with location of the mill (stroke center); Lavilla (right)

The site is easily recognised as a former mill be­cause of the outlet (6) of the cárcavo (7) which is empty. There is alas nothing left of the typical furni­ture of a mill but the ground plan is clear enough.
Let's start with the part which is still upright (2, 3). It is the shelter often found attached to, or built nearby, the mill proper (see f.e. also Buetas or Abellada).

(2) The shelter leaning against the mill
(3) Entrance of the shelter

(4) The usual crucifixes and the year 1876
The top beam of the doorway is a real beauty. The left door post (3) features several engravings (4). We recognize the usual crucifixes for protection and a year is also mentioned: AÑO 1876. The second date isn't very clear; it looks like a year of the 1910s.

Pass through the gate for the workplace.

The floor is elevated (5) but empty. It's difficult to know for sure, but I think that the embalse was behind the centre part between the two walls. The configu­ration at the other side looks very much like a water storage. No supply channel was found, no dam either.

(5) The former workplace of the mill

(6) Outlet
(7) Interior of the cárcavo

(8) Canal
The cárcavo (6, 7) is situated below the the part of the mill seen at the left side in pict. 5. I do agree that this doesn't fit very well with the sup­posed position of the reservoir. There is enough room for a second cárcavo close to the wall, but there is no trace of it.

The outlet (6) is rather obstructed by earth and wood but the cárcavo behind it —though empty (7)— is still in good shape.

I have told you in the itinerary that you would find a small channel a bit earlier than the mill (8). This canal has nothing to do with the mill at hand, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the supply channel for a second mill a bit lower. There is a heap of rubble and if you look care­fully you'll probably also come to the conclusion that by the looks of it it could well be a cárcavo collapsed some time ago.

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