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harinero, central eléctrica


Fiscal is situated near Ordesa National Park. Find Fiscal on the main road between L'Ainsa and Broto – Torla. Cross the river towards the village centre. You'll find the mill next to the village side of the bridge. The open air museum for the batán of Lacort lies opposite. The mill takes water from the Río Ara.

When we first visited the mill locks and bars kept people out but rain and wind had free reign through the broken windows. Since then maintenance and improvements have been carried out and the mill is now open as a tourist information center during the summer months.

Pictures: 26.xii.2001, 22.viii.2006

Mill in December 2001
Mill in August 2006

The front wall shows traces of an old signboard full of historical meaning. It says LA UNION ELECTRO-HARINERA and evocates the first third of the 20th century when many mills installed a generator and thus could generate extra income from electricity.
At the base of the front wall —just above street level and situated below the middle window—- the top stones of an arch can be seen. It is the place where the water from the channel (1) enters the mill. Inside, in the basement, rests the turbine.

(1) Canal with batán (left) and harinero (far left)

The canal dips under the road (1) and has a new branch towards the batán. It then runs as a narrow and deep channel through the meadows (2) towards the camping (3) and there turns and continues its way along the river.
The supply channel then becomes broad and shallow (4). Some parts are closed or reinforced with masonry (8). The last stretch (6, 7) runs in the riverbed and ends with a huge door (5). The last picture (9) shows the outside part of the channel. Notice the Valve (A), the river (B) and the dam guiding the water to the entrance (C).

(7) Channel with Río Ara

Cross the road to the fulling-mill of Lacort.
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