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Sopeira is a small village in the Ribagorza region. From Pont de Suert drive south on the main road towards Lerida. You'll drive along the lake, pass Sopeira with its Monastery de Alaón and finally find a branch to the left at less than a kilometer south of the village. It's just after the barrage. You'll cross the Río Noguera Ribagorzana. The road then longs the river; turn right at the branch (left leads to the Ermita de San Gregorio) and continue on the narrow road until you recognize the sight of picture 1. Find a spot to park your vehicle and then walk to the mill.

Pictures: 23.VI.2008

This was one of those days. It started pretty well —a sunny day, mill located without too much trouble, a nice talk with the local shepherd— but the end was really disappointing. There was someone inside the main building but he saw no point in letting us in, certainly not in the mill proper. It was very ruinoso; there was nothing to see for us. No way.

The mill probably was a flour mill and later on also produced electricity. The IGN map of 1950 features a powerline between the mill and the village of Sopeira. There is no such line on the edition of 1932.

(2) Trees mark the canal
(3) Canal enters the mill: two legs

(4) South facing wall; the mill proper is left.

(5) Roof was originally much lower.
This spot was favoured by several Lybithea butterflies.
(6) Mill stones at the Monastery of Alaón
with ∅ = 130cm and ∅ = 105cm

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