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Seneta lies hidden in the Sierra de Sis, not far from Santorens. You won't find it on many maps. Driving southward from Pont de Suert on the main road between Vielha and Lleida (Lérida), try to find the turn to Santorens and Betesa. It's about 10 km from Pont. Should you turn up in Sopeira, that would mean that you have missed it. Once on the narrow road, look for a branch to the left (straight-on would lead you into some hairpins to Santorens). At the next option, choose right and continue until you'll find a ruin at the left hand side of the road. Drop the car. You'll have to walk down into the valley and try to spot what's left of the mill which is very ruinoso.

Pictures: 13.VIII.2003

(1) Outlet.
(2) Innerside of the wall with the outlet.
(3) wall directed to the reservoir.

Not much could withstand the forces of nature. Only some of the outher walls are still upright and even those won't last long anymore. The wall with the outlet (cárcavo) and the opposite wall (which forms part of the embalse) are preserved best.

Between the walls, nothing betrayed anything of the past activities. It all rests probably below the thick layer of debris.

The cárcavo runs below whole length of the mill and looks still quite solid. I think it can survive the collapsing of the last walls.

The water reservoir is filled with earth and lots of small trees are shooting up. I was able to trace some parts of the supply channel, but I couldn't find a clear inlet nor a dam.

(4) Reservoir rests next to the mill.
Tree row also visible in top right of previous image.
(5) Cárcavo runs below whole length of the mill.

(6) Bottom of the cárcavo where the wheel was situated.
(7) Place of the botana (water nozzle).

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