Mills in Altoaragón - central eléctrica


Senegüe, is a small village situated north of Sabiñánigo. It is on the main road to Bielsa and France. The mill is in the middle of the river plains of the Río Gállego. It was a powerstation.

All pictures: 27.XII.1998

The position of the mill (white arrow) in the valley of the Río Gállego. On the hill-foot is Lárrede which you should visit for the two beautiful Romanic constructions: San Juan de Busa and la Iglesia de San Pedro.

The canal is clearly visible as an ochreous dam on the left of the mill.

The canal (above, flanked with trees) does not end in a real balsa. The canal simply broadens to form a reservoir. A valve connects this reservoir with a parallel channel leading to the wheels. From the (now empty) cárcavo an underground tube connects the mill with the Río Gallégo. We had the opportunity to visit the mill together with the owner. There is no machinery left. The mill was occupied by an American-Dutch couple before the present owner (and neighbour) bought the lot for his children. The construction has been rebuilt to present day standards. Nice place to live, but again a lost mill.

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