Mills in Alto Aragón - stone quarry

Selgua – La Mina

Selgua is a small village situated West from Monzón. Take the A–1223 from Monzón toward Berbegal. You will first pass Selgua and when you continue reach the site about halfway between Selgua and Ilche. Enter the site (1) somewhere between km 7 and 7.5. Though the site is called La Mina (the mine) in reality it was a quarry.

We walked the site looking for (fragments of) stones and traces of excavation activities, but apart from what is shown below nothing big like in other quarries could be found. However the site is very rich in interesting plants and well worth a visit in the right season.

Pictures: 23.iii.2016

(1) Aerial view of the site — visited on 31.i.2023



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