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Peralta de la Sal

Peralta de la Sal is a village situated East from Barbastro, Monzón and Binéfar in the Litera region of Huesca Province. From either location try to reach the A-133 and San Esteban de Litera. From there the even narrower A-2216 will bring you to Peralta de la Sal. The remains of the mill (1) are on the corner of the main road and the Calle Tozal. The mill is known as the Molí de la Vila and also as the Molí de la Botana ().

Pictures: 11.IV.2012

(1) The base layer of the Molí de la Botana with the pond almost entirely hidden below the vegetation.

The mill has almost entirely disappeared. The bottom layer with two cárcavos can be seen and also part of the pond. The workfloor has been transformed into a small village square with some flower beds.

Notice that the arch of the cárcavo left is higher en more narrow than the one at the right side.

Notice also the seam in the wall and the difference in the stones between both sections. Baringo () shows a picture of this mill in the 1920s where we can see that the entrance and the reception space was at the right in the section with the smaller and more irregular stones.


The rivulet running along the main road is known as the Barranco del Molino. We are looking at the very early stages of what will become the Río Sosa more downstream. We have encountered the upper reaches of the same Bco del Molino in the mill of Calasanz.
Naval () writes that the business was closed around 1935. Baringo () says it was in the first decennia of the XXth century. In 1958 a school was built and the small square was construed.

 Baringo Jordán, Ernesto —2018— Molino hidráulicos: los antiguos molinos del Río Sosa.
Monzón; Cuadernos del CEHIMO N°44; pp. 249-293; ISSN: 1133-3790

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