Mills in Altoaragón - harinero


Nueno lies on the main road from Huesca to Sabiñánigo just before the Puerto de Monrepos.
Harinero: from the bridge over the Rio Isuela search your way through the kitchen-gardens downstream.

All pictures: december 1995


façade and detail with San Martin
I worked my way through the thorny vegetation in vain. Nothing is left from the inner parts.

The front nevertheless still shows two interesting features:

  • the old azulejo stating this is a flour-mill (top of page)
  • the beautiful bas-relief with San Martin sharing his coat.
They are undoubtedly worth preserving.

  Take the dirt-road back and step on the wall of the construction. Enjoy the nice view on the village of Nueno. Be careful however, because you are next to the cubo: very deep and dark with excellent masonry.
inlet of the cubo
Although many catholic saints seem to have a connection with mills, San Martín is the main patron saint in Aragón. Some stories recall how the first mill (a devil's invention) soon was turned beneficial for humanity by San Martín.
Saint Victor is also often named as the patron saint, at least in Belgium and France. He was a martyr who was crushed between mill stones. The stones fell apart and Victor eventually was beheaded.
Catholic On-line Saints finally, names saint Honoratus as the patron saint of the millers.