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Javierregay is situated in the Jacetania region on the right bank of the río Aragón Subordán. In Puente la Reina de Jaca take the road towards Hecho and Ansó (A-176). You will soon reach Javierregay. Do not enter the village. Stay on the main road an drive past the village to where there is a bridge (ca km 6.5) on the left side crossing the river. Cross the bridge, find a place for your vehicle, and walk to the left.

Pictures: 02.i.2016

(1) Overview of the construction; f.l.t.r. power station, flour mill, living quarters?

Old maps of the Instituto Geográfico Nacional of Spain (ed. 1952) label the construction with Fabrica de luz y Molino. The complex consists of three sections built against each other and the different facade pieces have not been laid in connection with each other. Notice the clear vertical seams (1, 6).
The leftmost section was closed and is probably in use as a holiday home. I presume it was the power station. The central section was the grain mill (7). The part at the right may have been used as living quarters as nothing related to the business was found between the debris.

(2) Composite stone, ∅ 140 cm.
(3) Older monolith, ∅ 140 cm.

Outside, in front of the building, some artefacts reminiscent of the activities of older times can be found: a garden table made of a composite stone (2), the doorstep made of an older monolith (3), and the old waterwheel (1). Both stones and the wheel have the same diameter: 140 cm, which is larger than most stones in the wide region which measure 130 cm as a rule (in neighboring Embún the ∅ is even bigger with 146 cm).
The cárcavo opens in the southern wall of the mill (4). The space which runs from North to South below the building, is empty apart from the ejector (5).

The harinero section is empty apart from a low bancada with a sleeper stone still in place (7). It is remarkable that the steps leading to the second floor seem to block the waterway (8).

(4) South side of the mill with cárcavo and restitution channel; front is at right side.

(5) Cárcavo with the ejector in the back.

(6) Left: presumable the former power station; right: the former grain mill (harinero).

(7) The former grain mill with a composite stone, ∅ 140 cm.

(8) Steps leading to a second floor which has disappeared.

(9) Some old insulators.

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