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Igriés is a village situated in the Hoya de Huesca region North of Huesca city. From Huesca drive North towards Sabiñanigo on the Autovía Mudéjar (A23, E7). Leave the highway at km 368 (Igriés) and take the national road N-330 to the North. Straigth-on where Campamento militar is signposted. About half a km further on, You will find some dilapidated buildings on the corner of a dirt road to the right. Drive to the ridge of the river Isuela. From here You can probably spot the mill (1). Walk the track, cross the river and walk then to the right. The mill is known as the Molino Malene.

Pictures: 14.VIII.2014

(1) The Molino Malene in its surroundings.

The mill proper is only a small part of a huge con­struction. It is the section at the left side of the buil­ding (1), where the roof is a trifle lower than the rest. Its relative size is also good to appreciate in (5).
The mill is without its own entrance and can only be accessed from the inside of the other building. There are only two small windows: one above the cárcavo (left in 1) and, an even smaller, one in the side wall (5).

(2) The wall of the pond is built with huge ashlar stones.

We could not enter the building and there was no way to get a look at the insides, so we don't know if some of the equipment may still be present. However, the cárcavo (4) is empty and the space inside probably as well.
No traces of the former activities were found, apart from a decommissioned mill stone with a diameter of 130cm (3). The stone is dressed with curved furrows like most of the older stones in the wide region.

(3) Mill stone dressed with curved furrows.
(4) The cárcavo without old equipment.

(5) Back of the mill with the narrow point of the pond.

(6) The former mill pond seen from the back of the mill.

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