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Gistain - Chistau

Gistain - Chistau lies in its own valley. Leave L'Ainsa towards Bielsa and the French border. Turn right in Salinas de Sin and follow the signposts Plan then San Juan de Plan and after that Gistain. Drop the car in (or a bit before) the first hair-pin where the branch toward Viados is. From there walk to the north (towards Viados) until you find the construction on your right side. You can also visit the saw-mill while walking along the road from the flour mill back to your car.
The mill takes water from the Río Cinqueta.

Pictures: 06.XI.2001

Front of the saw-mill Interior
The saw-mill is of a very simple construction. The front and one side wall are open giving easy access. The engine is outside the northern side wall and the back is a blind wall close to the river. All building materials are recent (concrete and uralita) and I see the construction up-and-running within minutes if only the water supply could be restored. The saw-mill uses the same water-inlet as the harinero. The water passes the harinero and from there runs in a channel under the pastures where it surfaces near the saw-mill but on the other side of the road. The white energy is then brought under the road and towards a short buffer from where it drops several meters down creating much pressure.
1- Supply channel
runs underground.
2- Water hits wheel
from very high.
3- Valve with wheel 4- Transmission axle
The first picture (1) shows the supply channel surfacing with the harinero in the background. The flow turns right at our feet, crosses the road and then reaches a small broadening serving as a small reservoir (embalse - cubo).
The wheel is located about 4 meter below street level (2-). Notice the valve (3-) behind the wheel. The high water-column will cause a strong water jet and a good whirl of the wheel.
The basement below part of the workplace houses a very long rod (4-) fitted directly onto the engine-axis and carrying some wheels from where belts brought the power to the saw proper. Really a very nice design.
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