Bernardo Mills in Altoaragón - harinero

Las Bellostas


Las Bellostas is within easy reach from the Puerto de Serrablo or from Paúles de Sarsa. Find the mill in the valley of the Río Balces about half an hour walk from the village.
Because Pallaruelo has given a lot of attention to this striking construction, I will confine myself to pictures only.

Pictures: may 1995

The mill is very high above the valley-floor. The entrance is just visible on the left side. Observe the cubo (right on the picture). This pressure building device is only rarely present. The mills of Nueno, Sta Eulalia, Ara and Morana are other examples.   The entrance with walls built for the ages. Left from the door-post is an inscription which reads as 16?7.

The only room of the mill is empty with exception of a set of two stones.

The two cárcavo's are empty.

Find other one-room mills in Aso de Sobremonte, Sarsa da Surta or Torrolluala del Obico.