Mills in Alto Aragón — harinero


Baranguá, is situated south of Sabiñánigo. Take the main road to Huesca.
Turn right in Hostal de Ipiés. Don't cross the railroad. The mill is the last house on the left side of the road. The mill is fed by the Río Gállego.

All pictures: 25.XII.1998

We knew we were on the right spot when the — dullness reigns — mill-stone-picnic-table came in sight. Take nevertheless a quick look because the pattern of the ridges is different from the piedras in Sarvisé or Allué.

Behind the house, in the riverbed is a small mill for the production of fodder.

(2) Baranguá picnic table
(3) Detail of mill stone

(4) Baranguá interior
(5) Baranguá Santa Orosia sack

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