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Arro is at 10 km on the road from L'Ainsa to Campo.
You will find the mill about 1 km earlier. Look for the circle on map 212 of the Spanish Instituto Geográfico y Catastral (2a edición 1952). The map suggests that the mill is on the Río Lanata. This is not correct; the mill is on the same rivulet as the former spa of Arro (baños on the map: another badly neglected aspect of Aragón's past)

All pictures: 21.XII.1998

Overview of the site Buildings of the mill
Most of the construction is still solid. The roof of the annex has been redone and the place houses some horse related things. The only collapsed section is precisely the flour mill, alas. The walls are down to the floor and all tools and machinery are gone.

A nice and solid arch gives access to a spacious cárcavo. The roof is very thick and consists of trustworthy masonry. A narrow strip is thinner and shows perforations for the shaft and the controls.

Interior of annex
Outlet of cárcavo below collapsed workfloor Inside of cárcavo
We did look for a waterreservoir and the feeder-channel, and could find some traces of a canal, wider in places, but no azud, nor clear balsa, or cubo. Most has been eaten by the river. The western wall is baseless. Future could be very short-term for Arro's mill.
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