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Alquézar is easily reached from Huesca and Barbastro. From Barbastro take the road along the Río Vero. Nearing Alquézar you'll first find the branch to Buera; then a while further the turn to Bárcabo and Colungo where you can drop your vehicle at the Puente de la Albarda. Cross this bridge and walk the path to the left. You should soon find the mill between the path and the river. Old maps show this mill as Molino de abajo (the lower mill). The mill is on the Río Vero.

Pictures: 8.XI.2011

(1) The mill with adjacent constructions.

(2) The construction is an empty shell
A huge construction, three stories high and with adjacent smaller buildings, in a very sad state. The walls form an empty shell where nothing survived apart from a mill stone and a couple of cogwheels.

The cárcavo houses two systems. Firstly we have a saetín with botana mounted on the backwall serving a metallic wheel below the stone couple. Above this botana a long narrow pipe comes out of the wall and is equipped with its own valve and control rod (5). I'm not sure about the purpose of this device, but it could very well have something to do with the production of electricity.

(3) Mill stone with quarter dress
(4) cogwheel with wooden teeth
(5) Cárcavo with two systems

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