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Abiego is easily reached from Barbastro. Take the main road towards Huesca. After only few kilometers turn right in Peraltilla where Azara, Azlor and Abiego are signposted. Walk down south-ward from the village fountain. You'll pass the communal swimming-pool. Follow the earthen road, enjoy the local waste dump together with the sheep, cross a tricklet and keep to the track until you'll arrive at the corner of a large flat area. Now take the lesser track to the left. You'll walk between the crops and eventually reach the cañon of the Río Alcanadre. Try to locate the path and work your way down to the riverbed.

All pictures: 02.v.2002

Overview of the site

Río Alcanadre with azud

This site is most interesting because of the impressive dam (azud). The mill proper is carried away by the sometimes furious Río Alcanadre. From the ridge you can appreciate the huge dimensions of the mill pond (embalse) behind the dam.
The azud shows some unique and antique characteristics. The face against the current is staircased; the other side is straight. The building stones are very large and each individual stone features a protrusion. A very medieval look. Several notches are carved where the old dam reached the natural rock.

building blocks with protrusions
natural rock with notches
mill swept away

stairs carved in the rock
At the place of the mill the rock is littered with man made artifacts. We found several ridges and stairs carved in the rock.

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