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Men at Work in Bulgaria

X.2004; pict. G. Taran
Asenovgrad, 24.IV.2011; pict. J. Hoeyberghs
Our first finds feature a lot of interesting details.
First the shape of the heap is a trifle peculiar. You won't encounter this often in the wild. It's like the worker is pushing the sand out of his frame. If he is scoping up the sand, the top should slope to his side. Strikingly often heaps are drawn with improbable shapes (e.g. Tanzania, Estonia, Hawaii).

Take a closer look at his hands. Are they in a position to dig? In my opinion he is just pretending. He is just standing there, leaning on his shovel planted in the sand, taking his time doing nothing (like his confrères in Basel).

I hurry —with the sharp breath of our scientific watchguard in my ears— to add that other interpretations are possible. It could be that our guy is a repair man trying to fix a barrier stuck in the half open position.

Now take a look at his legs. He is wearing wellingtons like his colleagues of the UK-group. The dress code is different though. Workers in the UK are in jeans. Jeans have a narrow fit and the top of the wellingtons is wider than the leg. Workmen in Bulgaria prefer slacks and the loose fit is drawn to reality.

Devin, 29.IV.2008; pict. A. Anselin

Reminds me of a find from Greece and another one from Madeira, but this drawing lacks the peculiar third heap of the roadsigns there.
Obzor, 05.V.2008; pict. A. Anselin

Find other kitchen-table drawings in Vietnam, Uzbekistan.
Madzarovo, 23.IV.2011;
pict. J. Hoeyberghs

Ruse, X.2004; pict. G. Taran
Silistra, X.2004; pict. G. Taran
Djuni, 03.V.2008; pict. A. Anselin

The find from Ruse is difficult to interpret. Some readers are probably already yelling Mediterranean Workforce and they are not entirely wrong, but they should take a second look. The Mediterranean worker comes without feet. The Bulgarian drawing is more realistic : with feet. Did the artist start from the M.W. and knowingly improved the design with feet? Or are the feet there by mistake and is it just a matter of time before Bulgaria will cut them away? Or is the drawing a local development which only by coincidence shares many genes with the Mediterranean digger?
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