Men at Work in Great Britain

  With exception of a bewildered visitor, everybody drives on the left side of the road. Consequently the English worker digs to the left.

I wonder why roadside workers always turn their back to the traffic. Check it out in other countries on this site. Have fun: search for the exception! Shouldn't they work on the safe side of the heap? Ostrich behaviour is probably the only way to survive (mentally) in this environment.

Find similar signs in South-Africa and Hong-Kong.

London (1994); pict. H. De Meyer
K. Anderson told me how some British see this sign:
... it is apparently a common joke to say that the sign really means that an elephant got stuck in a ditch, and a man is trying to pull him out. ...
  Several other people though, told me
... it looks like a man trying to put up an umbrella due to the ever present threat of rain.

The U.K. Group - workers

China Iran Jordania
We find the same (or very similar) design in all corners of the globe — I know, I know. There are only four corners on the globe and even that is open to discussion —.
Countries using the UK-worker often (but not always) also use the UK-type sign to warn for a children's crossing and falling rocks.

The very best specimen of the group was found in Bahrain.

Our samples made it possible to define a Mediterranean Group as well. See Slovenia.

South-Africa Zimbabwe Namibia

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