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Children's crossing signs in Jamaica

Kingston, 16.III.2012; pict. H. De Meyer Kingston, 17.III.2012; pict. H. De Meyer

Now this is weird. Jamaica became independent from the United King­dom not earlier than 1962 and both countries still share the same monarch and yet we've found no trace of the typical UK-girl, though she is present in the region (e.g. Antigua & Barbuda, Bermuda).

The children's signs of the top row are definitely of the northern American kind and no effort was made to tune the design to the local habit. Our picture shows the children carrying a small rucksack and import from Cape Verde would have been more appropriate.

The most common sign (left) however is a mélange of the new world's shape and colour choice and a drawing from China (Lushan)! Could that be because of the immigration waves in the previous century and the friendly partnership for common development between the People's Republic of China and Jamaica?

Kingston, 15.III.2012; pict. H. De Meyer

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