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The typeface makes it difficult to read this panel; the message is probably only meant for pedestrians.

Everything possible has been done to make this piece of advice firmly root in our brains. The person (left) is a nurse or a nun: back in time both were trustworthy examples. She raises the glass suggesting a happy social occasion. It is also an act of trust, even faith in the power of Carvalhelhos.

The message is strengthened and its target widened by the person on the right. Carvalhelhos is not only for sick people, women or children, but also for strong men (look at his chin). Finally, even the most crusted non-believer must fall for the health-radiating intestines.

Mertola (Alentejo, Portugal), IV.1998; pict. A. Guët

The water from Carvalhelhos is known for more than 150 years. The commercial exploitation started with a con­cession dated August 1915. It was not easy to get the bottles to market (first with porters, then carts and finaly by train).
A new company Caldas Santas de Carvalhelhos was born in 1948. It took until 1961, when more electricity became available, before the company could grow to one of the most modern in Europe today. (based on the Carvalhelhos website in portuguese; the nun is still present; latest check: 20.II.2020)

St Jeoire Prieuré (N6, France);
II.2001; pict. M. Chartier

Vichy ETAT with a Celestins in the background.

Chars (Val d'Oise, France);
IV.2000; pict. M. Chartier

Vichy ETAT.

Perpignan (66, France);
VII.2002; pict. A. Guët

A very patriotic painting. The guy wears an armour suit and his shield features the French national colours. Notice how he manages to drink without clipping his mask away! The shield emulates a crown-cork.

We've seen the same colour choice on a crown cork with Pepsi-Cola. I wonder if that caused any friction back then.

Ste Maure de Tourraine (France);
Barentin (Normandie, France),
V.1999; pict. A. Guët

Le Fay (France);

Port de Piles (France);
Bassin de Vichy St-Yorre.

In the upper left corner: the fountain symbol for a spa.

Near Valognes (Manche, France),
V.2000; pict. A. Guët

Villeneuve sur Allier (N7, France),
26.V.2015; pict. J. Helmons

It was about 1850 when Nicolas Larbaud, pharmacist in Saint-Yorre situated just South from Vichy, noticed the peculiar qualities of the springs on his property. He got permission to commercialize the water and took the liberty to mention Vichy on the first labels. This was not received very well and it was only after several years of conflict that in 1862 he was allowed to carry Bassin de Vichy.

Notice the yellow hexagon with SFAR. S.F.A.R. stands for Société Française d'Affichage Routier.

During the first decades of the 20th century many small companies drilled their own wells but gradually merged together into one Société Commerciale du Bassin de Vichy.

Based on the brand's website at (in French). I can't link because their page with Informations légales states that a permission in writing is required before any such attempt! (latest check IV.2016)


Vichy is also a holiday destination: it's advertised in our section about tourism.

Lot (France);
VIII.1998; pict. A. Guët
Si Pure - Si légère
Source Cachat
Bonny-sur-Loire (Loiret, France);
V.2000; pict. M. Chartier

St Gaudens (France);
VII.1999; pict. A. Guët
Do you see who is peeping from behind the EVIAN? It's the Rasurel atlete.

Cahors (France);
Station du Rein
Mai Octobre

Lost in november 2000 due to road-works.

Pierre-Buffière (Limousin, France);
Spa for the kidney
May October

Rein = kidney; could also mean strength

Biarritz (France),
VII.2004; pict. A. Guët
L'eau minérale des Pyrénées

Brussels (Belgium); VI.1998;
pict: A. Guët
Spa Monopole
Aguessac (D907,France);
VIII.2000; pict. M. Chartier
qualité Perrier

The P has a most peculiar shape.

Magny-Cours-Nièvre (France);
VII.2001; pict. M. Chartier
Perrier Pschitt!

Antananarivo (Madagascar); XII.2003;
pict. M. Chartier
Si pure, si nature
L'eau des sportifs
Eau Vive
Eau de source naturelle d'Andranovelona

Eau Vive is a brand of Brasserie STAR.

We have seen STAR — Société Tananarivienne d'Articles Réfrigérés — also in our Beer section with Three Horses Beer and Castel and in the soft drinks section with Coca Cola.

Madagascar; 12.X.2012; pict. H. De Meyer
Eau Vive
Ranohira (Madagascar); 17.X.2012; pict. H. De Meyer
Eau Vive Si pure, si nature

Orissa (India), XII.2006; pict. H. De Meyer

Haywards 5000 — Super Strong Soda

This is an example of what are called surrogate advertisements. The advert very closely mimics murals for Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer and in this way the beer brand tries to compensate for the ban of adverts for alcoholic drinks. The soda brand does exist but it was clearly created with the purpose to encourage consumption of a product whose promos were prohibited by law.

The Haywards beer was launched in the 1970s and it became an AB Inbev brand in 2016 when SABMiller was acquired.

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