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Sarvisé is situated close to Broto and The Ordesa National Park. From Broto take the main road towards L'Ainsa. You'll reach Sarvisé after a few kilometers. Take a look at the picnic spot at the right side of the road at the entrance of the village. From the plaza cross the main road and walk to the west towards the river. You'll soon find the mill at your right hand side.
The mill is fed with water from the Río Ara.

(1) The mill in 1996.
(12) Entrance.

The molino of Sarvisé (1) was a combination of wheat mill, powerstation and bakery. The entrance (12) faces south and gives direct access to the workfloor of the corn mill.
There were two milling units; one on top of each cárcavo. The stones nearest to the camera were probably put to rest early: they lack the wheel (8). The other couple was still in working order at the time of our first visit in 1996.

(13) The workfloor in 1996.
(14) and in 2008

Later on someone dismantled the good unit and managed to find a spare guardapolvo for the idle unit. On of the walls features a faint painting (15) of a calvary with the words Arriva España and a faint V Franco.
The bakery is a separate building next to the mill proper. The room is empty apart from the oven which dominates the western wall (16). You'll find another oven in the Mill of Centenera.

(15) wall painting Arriva España
(16) The bakery

(17, 18) Some stones found a second life as picnic table at the rest site along the main road.


More about this mill and its millers in:
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El Gurrión 166, ii.2022, p 4–7.

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