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Sarvisé is situated close to Broto and The Ordesa National Park. From Broto take the main road towards L'Ainsa. You'll reach Sarvisé after a few kilometers. Take a look at the picnic spot at the right side of the road at the entrance of the village. From the plaza cross the main road and walk to the west towards the river. You'll soon find the mill at your right hand side.
The mill is fed with water from the Río Ara.

(1) The mill in 1996.
(14) Harinero with door leading to central.

The molino of Sarvisé (1) was a combination of wheat mill, powerstation and bakery. The entrance (12) faces south and gives direct access to the workfloor of the corn mill (14). In the back of this room a door leads into the generator room (19).
The generator room is dominated by a large and deep pit (20). A large belt-wheel is visible at the bottom. I'm not sure what did turn this wheel; there is no connection with the cárcavos and I couldn't find anything else that could do the job.

(19) Controls in the generator room (1996)
(20) Pit with belt-wheel

(21) dynamo and switch
The other main feature of the generator room is the panel with dials and regulators (19). We recog­nize the familiar layout (22-24) with gauges at the top, switches in the middle and at the bottom some fuses (compare with Arrés, Espés and Aineto f.e.). Below this panel a regulator switch (27) is usually found. Here at Sarvisé we find the panel extended with an extra circuit breaker and a consumption counter (22, 28, 29).

Our short series of pictures taken each six years apart illustrates nicely the effects of souvenir hunters at work (22-24).

(22) Year 1996
(23) Year 2002
(24) Year 2008

(25) Range 10-60 Amp.
(26) Range 50-250 V.


(30) Tag on the counter shown in 28

Para la Fabricación
Compañia de Contadores
y material industrial S.A.
oficialmente en
Número Amperios
1 vuelta discoVoltios
= 18
vatios hora
50 Hz
Three wires emerge from the top of the control panel (22). They disappear in the wall and emerge at the other side in the flour mill (31). They cross the length of the room (see 14) and come down at the stairs next to the entrance to reach the transformer (33) which puts the current on the public net.

None of my old maps shows any power lines radiating from Sarvisé. That could well mean that the energy was for local use only.

(32) Tag of the transformer in 33

Talleres García Julián. S.A.
TipoI7.86•35 25 60
220 12765,6


More about this mill and its millers in:
Founaud, Pablo — 2022 — El molino de Sarvisé: los últimos molineros (1957–1970)
El Gurrión 166, ii.2022, p 4–7.

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