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Morillo de Liena

Morillo de Liena is a village at the junction of the main road between Graus and Valle de Benasque with the road coming from L'Ainsa and going to Campo. The mill is situated between the road (with heavy trafic) and the river Ésera and is probably best reached from the área deportiva in the river bed. Next to the bus stop there is a road which will bring you there. Better still walk down the path which starts at the picnic table (1) a few meters north of the bus stop.

Pictures: mill: 27.xii.2015, canal: 14.vii.2021

(1) Mill stone table next to the main road.
There is a path leading from the village towards the área deportiva down in the river bed. Just at the start of this path a small space is kept clear where a retired mill stone is recuperated as a picnic table (1).

The stone features kind of curved dress pattern which was rather amateurish reinforced, probably to make it look more authentic. The stone's diameter of 90 cm is rather small. I am therefore not sure it comes from the mill of our visit (2). Mills of this size and having plenty of water, usually have stones of ∅ 130 cm.

(2) The former mill.

The mill (2) is a huge construction, well preserved and with all entrances carefully closed. Our description must therefore be limited to outside features only.
There is only one narrow and very high cárcavo (3) situated in the left most part of the building (2). A short restitution channel turns immediately to the side and into the river.

(3) Outlet of cárcavo with restitution channel.
(4) New tube with former inlet.

At the other side (the north face, 4) a wide tube enters the building. The tube means that there must be some device inside, but we couldn't make out what exactly. There were also no indications outside (brand names, contact information, etc.) that could betray what the space is now used for.
The tube is protected by a grating (5) at the end of the canal (6) which is broad and wide and in perfect condition. There is no mill pond because the river Ésera always carried enough water and storage to bridge dry periods is not needed. The tapping point is nearly 1 km more to the north.

(5) End of the canal with drain (right).

(6) Deep and broad canal in good condition.

(7) Lintel of a small window with old insulators.
(8) Remains of the horizontal wheel.

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