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Matidero is situated west of Boltaña in the Sierra de Aineto in the border zone of the Sobrarbe and Serrablo region. From Boltaña cross the Río Ara and take the road towards Lanave. After about 20 km you'll reach the 31 km mark with a bit earlier, at the left side, a gate and a sign showing the branch for Matidero. Drop the car and follow the private road until you reach the village after about 2 kilometers.

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(1) Location of the mill (white arrow) relative to the village of Matidero (black arrow)

Leave the surfaced road where it turns left to enter the village. Go straight on instead and follow the track going down into the valley and turning to the left behind the village. The track eventually dyes out on a flat terrain. Walk west until you reach a small river. It's the Río Alcanadre again — The small rivulet near the gate was the first encounter. The track becomes apparent again, longs the river for some time and then suddenly turns right and crosses the river (2).
Huge boulders and neatly arranged rocks are the probable remains of the dam (2, 3). Old maps show a lake at this spot. Follow the right bank and try to hit the old supply channel (4) which is at places easily discerned between the trees. The mill isn't far away.
You can also continue on the track slowly rising above the valley floor. A sharp turn to the right will tell you where to dive into the woods to rejoin the river. The mill is just below the bank of poudingue.

(2) Remains of the dam (azud)
(3) Remains of the dam (azud)

The mill of Matidero is the first mill on the still very young Río Alcanadre — The second mill is situated in Bara. Only the foot of the walls is still upright. The trees growing between the walls indicate that the molino stands idle since several decades.
A mill stone lies hidden behind a fallen tree (6, 7). A second stone — older and local produce — is found a few meters apart not far from what must have been the entrance (8, 9). Some stones of the doorpost can still be recognized (10, 11).

(4) The water supply channel
(5) The mouth of the cárcavo




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